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Hi all! I realize I haven't posted on here in what seems like years. I now write a blog called Two Ton Teacher, so feel free to visit me there if you want to stay in touch! I would love to have some more followers! :)


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I think it's finally happened. I think St. Ives has discontinued my body lotion. My beloved Whipped Silk.

Guys, I'm not just being dramatic. I'm in mourning. I am so, so picky about lotion. I have to put it on after EVERY shower, without exception. My skin is dry and itchy without lotion, but I HATE the lotions that feel heavy and greasy after being applied. Whipped Silk left my skin perfectly soft and smooth all day, and it seriously absorbed lickety split with NO greasy feel. And it smelled great. It was literally perfection in a bottle.

I knew they were slowing production when Walmart stopped carrying it, but I could still find it at Giant Eagle and Target. The last time I was at Target, the Whipped Silks were on clearance, and my heart sank. THEY ONLY PUT STUFF ON CLEARANCE IF IT'S GOING AWAY FOREVER.

Whyyyyyyyyyy WOULD THEY DO THIS??? WHYYYYY????????

I'm still bitter, five years later, about them changing the formula of my favorite conditioner, Aussie Moist. It was never the same. I bought one bottle of the new stuff and then stopped using the brand.

Why do they have to "fix" stuff that's not broken?

I am so sad. Now I'm resigned to feeling greasy after putting on lotion for all eternity.

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Girls, I'm looking for ideas for some yummy appetizer-type things to serve at my jewelry party on Saturday. Any suggestions??

I'm definitely serving my brother-in-law's delicious taco dip, a fresh veggie tray, shrimp cocktail, and strawberry pretzel salad. I think I need one or two more things though. Bam is catering...haha! ;)

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For those of you who have cats, how do you clean your litter boxes? Do you only change them every once in a while, and scoop in between, or do you change them completely every week?

I used to dump them (each cat has her own box) and put all fresh litter once a week, but I decided to try scooping once a week and only changing every other week. However, I scooped today (for the first time) and it just seems like it takes forever and is a hassle. It's so much easier to just dump and refill, even though I'm spending lots of money on litter that way.

Thoughts? Opinions?

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I'm so exhausted...but I best be perkin' up quick, CUZ TONIGHT IS THE MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF HARRY POTTER!!!

I'd probably be in bed by 6:30 if it weren't for these exciting plans I made ages ago. I'm meeting the girls (Christina, Stevee, Dawn, friend-not-sister Krista, Tarah, and Nicole) for dinner, and then it's off to the movie theater by 9:00 to wait it out!

Err...yes, we are dressing up. Well, a few of us are. I was going to back out, but Krista was practically in tears fearing that she'd be the lone weirdo of the group (she's wearing a pillowcase and a bald cap and strange ears and going as a house elf), so I promised I'd put something together. I think I'm going to be Professor McGonagall.

I don't even want to KNOW how long I'm going to sleep when I finally come rolling in at 2:00 a.m. OMG that's so late for me!!

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How am I JUST NOW noticing that WeddingPlans has an "expand" button in the comments!?!?! Yayyyy!! I KNOW this hasn't always been there, because I used to have to open threads in different tabs to expand the comments.

I am so excited!!!!!!

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Do you guys think these are appropriate for a kitchen? Don't give me the standard "You can put anything you want on the kitchen walls; it's YOUR house!" I know I *can* put anything I want on the walls, but you know there are things that would strike you as a bit strange if you saw them in a kitchen. For example, I ADORE Van Gogh's "Starry Night," but I'd think it were strange in a kitchen.

As a refresher, we just put a light oak floor in, the walls are a cream color called "Croissant," and the cabinets are a light coppery tan called "Wheat Penny." I was going to do a fresh airy celedon as an accent color, but I am having so much trouble finding wall art for this room. Ugh!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT SHAPING UP HOW I WANT IT TO!!!!

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One more domestic type post...I'm in housewife mode today haha!

I LOVE paying bills online. At first I argued about this with my dad. He has all the utilities, mortgage, etc. set up for online banking, and he always swears it's the only way to go. I, being so old-fashioned, argued that I'd rather just send bills in the mail with a stamp, and so I didn't need him to show me how to do online banking. He insisted that he show me though, so I let him...and I LOVE IT.

I love receiving a bill in the mail, going online to set it up for its due date, and then throwing the statement away and forgetting about it. I don't have to worry about remembering to pay bills on time. The only thing I'm responsible for is making sure there is enough money in our account each week to cover the bills going out that week. There is a little sidebar that tells me which bills are going out each week.

Do any of you do online bill payments?

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Does anyone else totally abuse laundry soap? I use SO MUCH of it. I go through it like crazy. I am a terrible laundry soap overuser. I just don't feel like that little capful (or just up to "line 3" on my concentrated Era!) could possibly get that whole load of laundry clean. I'm such a nut.

Speaking of laundry soap, what kind do you guys use? I'm a laundry soap snob, I only use Era...I love the way it smells. (I'll be using Tide every now and then, since I have a whole bottle now. I had to buy a bottle to wash my hair after I so gracefully bent down and stuck my head on a wall that I had just painted!)